Industrial Focus

The Demand for Industrial

Today, industrial real estate is the largest commercial asset class, with over 15 billion square feet of inventory in the United States.1

It traditionally represents a stable investment arena. Current trends in some of the highest-growth business sectors today support this. The impact of technology on everything from retail to manufacturing is helping to drive steady growth and with it, demand for industrial real estate solutions.

Ecommerce & Food Delivery

Ecommerce is the number one driver of industrial real estate absorption, as online shopping grows in both traditional retail and grocery settings. 

25% of 2019 national warehouse absorption was ecommerce 2

Tech & Data Storage

Business migration of data storage to the cloud is leading the demand for data centers. This often results in lease and buy opportunities, but data centers are also large purchasers of industrial land sites.

52% total 2020 return from top five data center REITs 3

Automation & Supply Chains

Advances in robotics and automation in the manufacturing sector are lowering labor costs. Organizations are seizing this opportunity to move back to U.S. shores and tighten up supply chains.

60% of industrial real estate stock is in manufacturing 4

The Right Investment for You

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