Principle & Perspective

454 Properties. 29 States. 44 Million Square Feet. $4 Billion In Assets. These Are Numbers That Say Something.

They speak to our expertise. Our track record. In industrial real estate investment, that goes a long way. It sets the tone for our partnerships. More importantly, it helps us build trust.

We’ve built our portfolio by marrying veteran industrial expertise with an unwavering commitment to our investors. This fusion of principle and perspective is what makes our performance possible. It’s how we’re able to consistently deliver the value that we’re known for. It’s also why every opportunity we bring to our partners is an investment we make ourselves. That’s saying something.

The Brennan Advantage

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As career industrial real estate specialists, we’ve dedicated ourselves to reading the market and identifying the right opportunities for the right investors, to balancing a long-term perspective with knowing when to move swiftly, to delivering year-after-year high benchmarks for returns.

Every investment we make maintains a margin of safety for every deal, avoiding speculation in industry trends that can create risk for our clients. It’s a well-honed strategy that has helped us grow to be the second-largest privately held industrial real estate firm in the U.S., managing more than $4 billion in assets, with an average realized return of 36.6%.




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Our managing principals average more than 20 years of industrial real estate experience. That experience drives our focus on minimizing risk and enhancing returns for our partners across investment opportunities in the top major and emerging regional real estate markets. At Brennan, alignment is essential. When you invest with us, we invest right alongside you.


Seeing many opportunities ensures we invest in the best opportunities. Having both a national and a local presence allows us to do just that. We cast a wide net so we’re always poised to act nimbly and take advantage of specific regional opportunities.


We set a high bar for the quality of partner we strive to be. It’s our true north, a constant reminder of the principles that guide our firm and the level of service we offer: Tailored opportunities, broad capabilities, clear and consistent communication, and investment in every deal we make right alongside you. These principles help us to consistently deliver value that goes beyond return on investment.

Designed With Our Investors in Mind

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