For Brokers

Our Promise to You

At our core, we are industrial real estate owners and operators. Many of the Brennan Investment Group principals have also worked as brokers.

We know the vital importance of your work—for the industry, for our partners, and for our business. That’s why we’re dedicated to serving the needs of you and your clients, from simple real estate transactions to custom supply-chain solutions.


Working across acquisitions, development, leasing, operations, and management, we offer a broad range of corporate real estate solutions to help you meet and exceed the needs of your clients.


Our managing principals are career industrial real estate specialists. With an average of more than 20 years in the industry, they’ve helped us grow our portfolio to more than 450 properties, totaling 44 million square feet in 29 states, with 97% occupancy.*

*Current as of November 2021


We have an established presence in metropolitan areas as well as strategic regional areas with strong regional growth potential. This keeps us poised to act nimbly and take advantage of specific opportunities for your clients.


At Brennan Investment Group, partnership is our true north. That takes on an extra layer with brokers because we work side by side to service your clients. You put a lot of trust in us. We repay that trust with the principle and perspective that makes our solutions possible.

Delivering Value Together

Reach out to learn more about our capabilities, portfolio, and how we can work together to provide flexible solutions to your clientele.

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