July 31, 2023

Eva Szalankiewicz

Eva Szalankiewicz is an Investor Relations Associate for Brennan Investment Group. With a strong background in finance and administration, Eva brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role.

Eva’s primary responsibility is to engage directly with Brennan Investment Group’s High Net Worth (HNW) client base. She excels in providing timely updates on current investments, facilitating capital raises for future investments, and managing correspondence with clients effectively.

Eva’s career journey began in the banking industry, where she gained valuable insights into financial management and client relations. She then transitioned into staff accounting and administration roles within a technology equipment leasing company, honing her skills in financial analysis and operational management.

After taking a hiatus from her professional career to raise her two children, Eva returned to the workforce with renewed dedication and passion. She joined Brennan Investment Group initially on a part-time basis in the summer of 2021, demonstrating her commitment to professional growth and development. Her exemplary performance and dedication led to her transition to a full-time role in the summer of 2022, where she continues to make significant contributions to the success of Brennan Investment Group and its clients.

Eva received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois Chicago.

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