July 8, 2021

Ursula Walendzewicz

Ursula Walendzewicz is the Marketing Director at Brennan Investment Group. She is responsible for the maintenance of the Brennan brand internally as well as for upholding the company’s presence to the public through the creation of marketing materials, press releases, social media content, flyers, signage, and the planning and facilitation of industry-related company events. Ursula has over 22 years of commercial real estate experience.

Ursula began her professional career at Joseph Freed and Associates in Chicago, working independently with the leasing and development teams to create marketing materials, including aerials, site plans, flyers, and various other communications and graphics. Most recently, she freelanced for various commercial real estate companies.

Ursula holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois-Chicago and an MBA with a concentration in integrated marketing communications from Roosevelt University.  She is also an active member of IWIRE.

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