Chicago, January 18, 2018

Brennan Investment Group Names Brian Roach and Chris Massey as Managing Principals

Brennan Investment Group is pleased to announce Brian Roach and Chris Massey have been named as Managing Principals of the firm. Roach will focus on new investments in Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and St. Louis markets while Massey will focus on properties throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. Both Roach and Massey will also oversee all operational activities within their regions, including management and leasing.

“We are excited to have Brian Roach and Chris Massey as Managing Principals,” said Michael Brennan, Chairman and Managing Principal for Brennan Investment Group.  “They both possess the requisite industrial skills to advance our mission of acquiring and developing value added investments.”

Massey has completed several acquisitions in the D.C., Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh markets since joining Brennan Investment Group in October 2015. Roach, who joined Brennan in August of 2016, has completed acquisitions in St. Louis and Kansas City, and is developing a project in Denver.

Roach and Massey office out of Denver and Washington, D.C., respectively.

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